All You Need To Know About Hand-Held Angle Grinders

What are Hand-Held Angle Grinders?

Hand-Held Angle Grinders are a handheld power tools which are used for different purposes such as cutting, grinding, polishing and edging. This tool can be powered in multiple methods including an electric motor, petrol engine or compressed air. Also known an edge grinder, this tool is used with large variety of cutters and attachments due to the availability of an interchangeable power source.

As the name suggests, the motor drives a geared head at a right-angle where a disc (abrasive disc or a thinner cut-off disc) is mounted. The characteristic to be able to handle different discs and accessories makes it a versatile tool. Generally, a Hand-Held Angle Grinder has an adjustable guard and a side-handle which is suitable for two-handed operations.

What are Hand-Held Angle Grinders used for?

  • Cuttinggrinding iron, steel and other metals, bricks and stones, rusted bolts etc.
  • Cutting up stuff for disposal in the trash
  • Sharpening blades
  • Metalworking and construction
  • Emergency rescues
  • Metal cleaning- stripping, cleaning and deburring tasks.
  • Restoring edges on rough tools like hoes

These Hand-Held Angle Grinders are generally used in workshops, service garages and auto body repair shops. Construction workers and contractors generally use them for preparation and maintenance purposes. These are also priceless while using in-home workshops and around the house, with numerous uses for DIY and crafts.

Hand-Held Angle Grinders are a powerful and useful tools. However, if not used carefully, they can be dangerous. There are standard safety precautions taken when using this tool, such as a safety clothing should be worn while using it, the condition of the grinder should be checked before its usage, the proper tools attachments should be chosen for the job, and finally of course, the grinder should be handled correctly.

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