Moisture Vapor Control Barriers for Concrete Floors

When concrete floors are located in garages or a sub-level like basements, they may be exposed to moisture. Dampness problems are among the most frequent problems encountered in commercial spaces and residences. Damp proofing is necessary when controlling moisture and by applying a moisture vapor barrier coating you are securing a damp proof concrete floor. […]

Concrete Floors inside Hangars

Concrete floors inside of hangars will usually take a beating over time. Between all the foot traffic, chemicals, trucks, tools and of course airplanes, that are constantly weathering the surface of the floor from continually entering and exiting can eventually have a major impact on the surface durability. Hangars are just houses for your precious […]

Utilize your Polished Concrete Floors in your Basement

Utilizing your basements is a phenomenal way to optimize your living spaces. These unoccupied basements are practically begging you to turn them into an epic entertainment room. Having a small basement doesn’t necessarily mean you should overlook the opportunity to expand your living space either. It may be the thing you didn’t know you wanted! […]

How To Incorporate Glitter into Epoxy Coatings

For the people who prefer a shiny and sparkly atmosphere, our polyester glitter is the perfect choice for your resin finishes. These glitters provide you with an opportunity to have some harmless fun. Glitter gives recognition to the loud and outgoing personalities that surround us daily so why not embrace them more? What Makes Industrial Glitter […]

Concrete Floors are the Perfect Solution for You

The Best Floor for your Personal Enjoyment Today’s flooring market is experiencing a multitude of options. Hardwood flooring and tiles are taking place alongside traditional materials, while concrete is making a serious comeback. Concrete is a viable alternative to traditional flooring materials that you may not have considered as an option. Concrete floors have officially […]

Diamond Cup Wheels for Concrete Surfaces

What are Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels? Diamond grinding cup wheels are diamond tools bonded with metal and diamond segments that are welded along a cold pressed metal wheel body, which appears in cup shape. These cup wheels are normally used to break down heavy building materials like concrete, granite and marble. What are Cup Wheels […]

Using Epoxy on Marble Surfaces

Marble is a beautiful surface. It has so many color combinations and adds a classic, yet elegant feel to your space. Over time marble can get scratched and begin looking rough from weathering. You can prevent this by simply applying a clear epoxy coating over your worn and dull marble surface. You can also refinish […]

Myths and Facts Regarding Concrete Floors

Concrete is one of the most commonly used building materials in the world, and like any flooring option there are facts, as well as misconceptions regarding what concrete it is, what concrete can do, and how concrete can be used. To help you evaluate whether concrete flooring is the ideal choice for your aesthetic taste and matches your […]

Epoxy Coatings for Concrete Floors

Floor coatings are a fantastic solution for your concrete surfaces. Concrete can have a pleasant sight for some people, however others might not find that concrete appearance as being tasteful. Fortunately there are plenty of solutions for those who prefer to explore a more creative and decorative approach. What is Epoxy? Epoxy is an industrial […]

Cutting Edge Ideas for Outdoor Concrete Applications

Do you have a mundane patio slab or a simple concrete walkway? Outdoor applications for concrete floors are available to help improve your exterior surfaces. Getting creative with your concrete is a pleasant task and leaves you with beautiful results. Almost any activity that you enjoy inside your home can also be exercised outside, therefore […]