Learn Why Polished Floor Cleaners System Are The Most Preferred One

We all like crystal clear gleaming floorings. Who doesn’t wish to have that kind of flooring if it is coming in affordable price? With the changing of times, home furnishing has undergone a great evolvement. Learning how to polish your floors not only let you save huge money but adds extra shine and beauty to your floorings.

It is simple DIY project which requires minimum of investment which is usually a mopping machine and liquid. It is relatively quick, cheap, easy way to maintain your flooring.

The first step is choosing a floor cleaner for your flooring

Understand, there are different types of flooring and with that it requires precise polished floor cleaners as no two floorings are same; hence you have to be extremely careful in choosing a floor cleaner as it may ruin your flooring.

Evolving traditional cleaning techniques

Today, with the increasing demand to get a polished, gleaming floors it is next to impossible to have it through traditional cleaning techniques. The new polished floor cleaner eliminates the stains, grease and dirt away swiftly in minimum of time and these cleaners are designed to provide disinfected, deodorize and deep cleaning treatments. As a result your flooring will not only get cleaned but gets free of germs.

The evolving technique is the best for the spaces like malls, restaurants, school etc. where there is a heavy foot traffic seen. Also it minimizes the uses of multiple equipment like brushes, sponges, mop, buckets and other several cleaning chemicals. The frequent cleaning not only sanitizes but deodorizes the flooring in the shortest time possible.

Efficient & Powerful

The polish floor cleaner machines available at xtremepolishingsystems.com have widely prospered and in fact have become the most preferred choice because they are great in maintaining different type of floors such as marble, concrete, hardwood, granite, linoleum, grout and tile. The versatility of these machines is they can be used for varied applications and for residential and commercial settings.

Also; some of the floor cleaner devices come with high end features like steam cleaning. This helps to dissolve the toughest stain marks, dirt, grease as well as tough deposits which are stuck on the surface of your flooring. These powerful features of the cleaning machines have helped housekeeping people in getting the cleaning done in less time and the results are truly unbelievable.

The best polish floor cleaners’ machines are now capable of giving steam power washing as they come featured with spin cleaning, and sludge extractors. The versatility of the cleaner machine helps the user to accomplish host of cleaning without making it messy.

Before you go out to buy yourself polish cleaners for your flooring it is important to know which device and cleaning chemical will be able to give enhanced results. Xtreme Polishing Systems educates you to make the right choice for your project; as you are dealing with the flooring and there is lot of time, efforts and cost that you put in. Don’t settle for temporary shiny cleaning rather go for cleaner system which are designed to offer better hygienic cleaning in minimum of time.

Choosing the Right Floor Cleaning Agents from the Market

Choosing the Right Floor Cleaning Agents from the Market

Home is the place where we relax. It is the area where we make memories with near and dear ones. An average person spends most of the time in the home. Thus, keeping the area clean is essential. No one wants to come to a home that is not clean. Hygiene is the first aspect that all homemakers and caretakers need to tackle. When it comes to cleaning the home, people make use of various kinds of chemicals. If you hit the supermarket, you will see that the home cleaning section is full of so many liquid detergents and sanitizers. But do you know which product will be the best for meeting your requirements? If the answer is no, then this is the article that will come to your rescue.

Say no to the active chemicals

Choose any floor cleaning product and read the label. You will find that the liquid is a potent mixture of many factory grade chemicals. These chemicals have a positive capability of removing the grime from the surface of the floors but have you thought about the harmful effects it has on your health. Touching the cleaning agents with ungloved hands will affect the skin. If you have sensitive skin, then you can have rashes, burning sensation, and swelling as well. If the effect of these chemicals is so adverse on the adult skin, then think what it will do to the soft skin of the babies. Thus, when choosing a cleaning agent, make sure you opt for the eco-friendly ones. These do not have the unwanted chemicals.

Eliminate the chances of any health risks

As the conventional floor cleaning agents are composed of harsh chemicals, they often produce a strong and pungent smell. It is not safe for the human body and also leaves a bad odor inside. Inhaling the smell for too long can make people dizzy and nauseous. Some chemical cleaning agents have such strong smell that you will get a headache within a few minutes. Choosing the eco-friendly agents is safe as they do not impart a chemical smell to the home.

Clean home makes people healthy and happy

With the right floor cleaning product, you will be able to say goodbye to the bad smell and also the dirt from the surface of the floors. The eco-friendly floor cleaning agents are prepared in such a way that they also kill any germs that might be lurking on the floors. Using these is a must if you have a baby or a pet in the home. These call for extra precautions. As the germs are eliminated, you will be able to provide the child with a clean environment. They can play wherever they want without worrying about contracting any illness.

Take a look at your budget

Last but not the least; it is significant to say within the budget even if it is about purchasing a cleaner. Most of the chemical floor cleaners are very expensive. On the other hand, the eco-friendly cleaners are low on price. It is because they are made from inexpensive natural products.

Floor Scrubber Pads and Its Many Uses

Floor Scrubber Pads and Its Many Uses

Many times we have been to residences, hotels and historic buildings where the architecture has marvelled us. They have enthralled us with the sweeping corridors, imposing pillars and the grand ceiling. And then the icing on the cake would be the flooring. Buildings of note stand out because of the brilliance of their build, and the flooring is surely one of them. And to maintain this, we need specialized cleaning equipment. The floor scrubber pad is an ideal weapon when it comes to adding shine to the glistening floor.

 What is a floor scrubber pad?

The floor scrubber pad is equipment which is used to scrub and clean the floor. And not just the staid tile but even the most elegant and expensive ones, which would have cost a bomb for the builder. The floor scrubber pad is used for a variety of purposes. One can use it to clean, buff, burnish, scrub and floor stripping. They are created of high quality, high porosity fibre for durability and have extensible rods for reach and flexibility. Many of the floor scrubber pad are saturation coated which help it perform better as well as last long. Many manufacturers build a wide variety of floor scrubber pad for different purposes.

With the latest innovation floor scrubber pad have become more reliable and efficient. Manufacturers have made the floor scrubber pad more ergonomically helpful and that have vastly extended the ease of use. One of the most positive side effects has been the reduction of hand-arm vibration that has helped the individual to a great extent.

What are the uses of a floor scrubber pad?

As mentioned above the uses are many. A floor scrubber pad is a must in today’s environment, especially in areas and regions where pollution is a concern. No owner or manager would want guests to enter into an arena with blackened flooring. To overcome such mishaps, the floor scrubber pad is used extensively. From tools that strip away floor finish without chemicals to pads for uneven floor types, and even double sided pads, the floor scrubber pad is the need of the hour. They scrub, clean, buff any kind of level and are attractively priced, making them extremely cost effective.

Where are they used?

Look around you. They are used everywhere. Any building having the floor, and I believe, that would include every habitable one, a floor scrubber pad is an essential addition to the home appliance ware.

Products That Help You Clean, Fix, and Protect Your Surfaces

Products That Help You Clean, Fix, and Protect Your Surfaces

When it comes to floor cleaning, it’s really a task to find the right product that helps in cleaning and maintaining your floor, without actually burning a hole in your pocket.

In order to clean your floors, there is a host of floor cleaning products, such as:

–        Floor Polish: As the name suggests, floor polish helps in getting rid of the scuff and tyre marks, thereby giving it a polished and neat look. Along with that, it’s cost-effective and also dries up super quick!

–        Floor Stripper: A concentrated, high- alkaline formula that is either applied with a mop or scrubbing machine on the floor. It helps in removing heavy and stubborn stains, acrylic finishes, as well as the thick build- up and polishes from the floors.

–        Neutral pH Cleaner: Unlike the other products, this cleaner is non- toxic, formulated with a natural surface system that effectively helps clean the floor; helping you get rid of the stubborn stains and marks.

Certain places such as car repair shops, hangars, and fire brigades, the surfaces are supposed to be rough. In order to do so, we use chemical floor hardeners to make the surface rough enough to withstand heavy vehicles constantly coming in and going out, without causing damage to the floor. A chemical floor hardener is available in a host of categories such as metallic floor hardener, pure carborundum based non-metallic floor hardener, heavy-duty metallic floor hardener, liquid hardener, non-metallic floor hardener, and carborundum based non-metallic floor hardener. Along with that, it also reduces the porous surface, thereby making the floor smoother and dust- free.

In order to protect your surfaces, you would need Polyaspartic Floor Coating. A type of polyurea, polyaspartic floor coating was developed in the ‘80s and has been used for repair materials corrosion-resistant coatings. The best part about Polyaspartic floor coating is that it helps the underlying surface from UV rays, and so, it would never turn yellow. Apart from that, it also helps and protects the surfaces from the most stubborn stains, such as that of oils and wine.

Therefore, if it’s a place wherein there is heavy metal work, automobile, chemicals; or even if it’s your garage- make sure that you use these three items in order to clean, fix, and eventually, protect your surfaces from getting weaker and being damaged.

The Perfect Way to Maintain Your Floors

The Perfect Way to Maintain Your Floors

Places where there a lot of people constantly coming in, such as retail stores, décor stores, and such other places require a high level of cleanliness. With the floors of these places usually being polished, even a speck of dirt can be seen by the naked eye.
Although some people use traditional methods of cleaning and maintain their floors, it is important that they should be absolutely spick and span. Therefore, one must use the two main products to keep the surfaces clean- concrete polishing machine, and floor scrubbing machines. As the name suggests, a concrete polishing machine is ideally used to grind the concrete floors in order to give it a glossy finish, thereby giving it a more polished look. A concrete polishing machine is a rather intelligent and inexpensive alternative to granite and marble. This is because of the machine, using a concrete stripper, removes all the dust, dirt, stains, blemishes, and light coating; giving you a smooth and neat surface. Also, maintaining it is also not too much of a hassle.

To keep the floors shiny and sparkly, we tend to use the age- old technique of mopping the surface. However, if a customer walks in, only to realize that there is soap water all over gives a shabby impression of yours. Furthermore, there is always a risk of someone slipping over the surface. The surface too doesn’t look all that neat. Therefore, a better alternative to it is using floor scrubbing machines.

Floor scrubbing machines are used to scrub the floor, thereby giving it a more polished and shiny look. The scrubbers are round and continuously rotate while they are on; thereby cleaning the surface and eliminating the dirt and stain marks. Unlike the mop method, this does not require any soap to be used. Instead, there are chemicals that need to be put into the system which doesn’t even end up making the surface slippery. It has a sprayer that is made to fit on the floor scrubbing machine, and using water and chemical solutions, it removes the stains. Floor scrubbing machines have a lot of variety in it, and come in a range of sizes, depending on the area as well as the use.

Thus, one must use this equipment in order to maintain their floors- be that at a workplace, or even at home.

Experience Quality with Xtreme Polishing Systems

Experience Quality with Xtreme Polishing Systems

Xtreme Polishing Systems, one of the popular name in US focusses in producing dust shrouds, concrete sealers, concrete densifiers, and edge machine grinders etc. which facilitates the home or shop owners to the fullest extent. The company has already years of proficiency in the particular field of concrete densifiers which has helped it to earn a name in this very industry.

The Number 1 Service Provider:

In recent times, Xtreme Polishing Systems has attained massive popularity amidst the crowd in the US market due to its top- class service which is completely unfathomable until anyone avail their service. This company located in Florida that usually deals with sales or production of concrete densifiers equipment with some other things too. Well, if anyone thinks what is the use of densifiers or why densifiers then let everyone know the addition of siliconate and silicone agents in it to act like a sealer. This aids to create not only to make water repellant floor but also it is very much resistant to liquids in general.

Apart from this, it maximizes the compressive strength of the concrete.The company recently decides to offer best offers on the concrete package that would help their business to come up with flying colors once again. Which is why after long 25 years, this company is continuously earning much respect from their competitors as well. Anyone can get a wide range of densifiers that fulfill the requirements magnificently. The great part is that Xtreme Polishing Systems provide all their products at an affordable price that would motivate the buyers to buy all these stuff from one store.

So, now it becomes easier to get best deals at best prices. Apart from densifiers, they also provide burnishing machines, concrete sealers, dyes & stains, flooring kits and many more that would offer the buyers a great relief knowing they are purchasing world- class materials from a reputed company.

Ultimate Aim- Customer’s Satisfaction:

Client satisfaction is something that is always sought by Xtreme Polishing Systems because this company knows well that buyers and their contentment are the ultimate one which would lead them to achieve great success in this industry. So they develop a user friendly site to aid their buyers as well as visitors know about their previous and new services that will offer them a clear picture of their quality services. There visitors can get various pricing option which would help them to choose the perfect service along with the price based on their budget. In this way, Xtreme Polishing Systems value the needs of their new buyers as well as the old one.


Xtreme Polishing Systems is a renowned seller, manufacturer and also distributor providing top notch quality equipment and tools to the buyers. They provide their products with quality assurance that helps the buyers to have real time user experience. Customers can take a look on their official page to get a wide variety of equipment and tools that would definitely offer them real time benefit.

Know More About Using Polished Concrete Floors For Homes

Know More About Using Polished Concrete Floors For Homes

Polished concrete floors have mirror like finish with a glossy look that makes it a best choice for all homes. There are several options available in polished concrete flooring as you will be able to choose from several patterns, embedded aggregates, sizes, create saw cut patterns and colors of your choice. It is also possible to control the reflection of the concrete floors by choosing the best ones from several options of concrete polishing.

Quick and easy maintenance

Polished concrete floors are a great choice for commercial buildings as they are very easy and simple to maintain. You can maintain the concrete floors by just mopping to remove the dust and by making use of a floor-cleaning product. Maintaining this type of flooring is similar to sanding wood. Making use of heavy duty polishing machines that have fine grits with segments or disks impregnating diamond design will grind the surface gradually to get the preferred amount of shine and smooth to any degree.

What happens during polishing?

This process starts by using the coarse diamond segments, which are bonded using metallic matrix. Such segments have coarse texture that can eliminate light coating, stains, minor pits and blemishes found in the floor to prepare for final smoothing. Based on the condition of the concrete floor, the rough grinding performed initially would be in 3 to 4 steps.

Then the concrete surface would be ground finely with the help of diamond abrasives that are embedded in resin or plastic matrix. The professionals will also make use of polishing disks with fine grits, which is often known as lapping the concrete to make the floor get the desired shine. To make the floor have a high shine finish, they might use a finer or grit of high capacity. The professionals who are experienced will have the ability to choose the next fine grit based on the surface of the floor and the volume of material, which is being removed.

Role of the sealer

During the process of polishing, the internal impregnated sealer is used to sink the concrete and to blend well, making it very invisible. These floor hardeners will not only protect the concrete floor within inside and also densifies and hardens it. This prevents the need for topical coating that lowers the level of maintenance in a significant way. Few contractors would apply a phishing compound over the floor surface at the final polishing step for giving a bit of shine to the floor. Such compounds would help in cleaning all kinds of residue that is found on the surface through the process of polishing and leaves a finish that will resist dirt in the long run. They also seal the joints and the cracks in the flooring with the help of joint fillers, which are made from semi rigid and epoxy materials.

Polishing methods

It is easy to polish the concrete floors using two methods, namely dry or wet methods. Even though both methods are very effective, dry polishing method is the very common in the industry as it is much quicker, convenient and eco friendly. Wet polishing makes use of water for cooling the diamond abrasives to eliminate the grinding dust. This is because water would lower the frictions and is used as a lubricant as it improves the longevity of polishing abrasives. However, the owner of the premises should be prepared to deal with the slurry residue this method would leave and they can ask the professionals dealing with the floors to clean it and dispose it in an eco friendly manner.

You can also opt for the blend of dry polishing and wet polishing methods.