Concrete Floor Polishing Machines

Floor polishers are ideal for shining up a floor. As long as you are careful and follow directions, your floor polishing experience should be good. Floor polishers tend to be heavy and can run off on their own if they are not held firm and secure. Because the placement of the handle determines the direction the machine goes in, it will take some practice to adequately work the machine.

Floor polishers are versatile floor refinishing machines that operate by using rotating brushes or pads to scrub, polish or buff a floor to maintain its appearance. There are a range of alternative attachments for different floor surfaces, so they are quite a versatile cleaning machine.

Different types of floor polishers 

The number of brushes can vary on floor polishers. A two brush polisher will be lightweight and suitable for small areas such as most residential properties, with a three brush polisher ideally matched for medium-sized areas such as  commercial shops or offices. There are a range of industrial and commercial use machines for every eventuality.

On purchase you often find that floor polishers come with multiple accessories, such as a range of brushes to ensure that you have a ‘fit for purpose’ brush for every surface. You may also have the option of buying a shorter or longer handle for the machine, depending on your requirements.

One popular type of floor polisher, particularly for convenience, is the dual purpose floor polisher / scrubber. It is worth investigating if both the polisher and the scrubber elements are of the same quality and specifications that you require – hopefully this will avoid any disappointment in either the polisher’s or scrubber’s performance.

Benefits of using floor polishers

Critics may argue that improving a floor’s appearance is a waste of time and money. However, polishing your floor has a vast array of benefits which will increase the lifespan of your floor and reduce the required time between cleans, in addition to making the floor ‘look good’. For example, just three of the benefits floor polishing offers you are:

  • Keeping your floors cleaner for longer
  • Minimizing dirt and moisture damage
  • Protecting against surface cracking


Steps to use Floor Polishers:

  • Lock the handle in an upright position, and then lay the polisher back on a hard surface.
  • Install the brush and reposition the machine upright. Plug it in.
  • Lower the handle to your waist and lock it in place. Balance the machine on the brush. Turn it on.
  • Start polishing the floor at the back wall and move backward toward the center of the room.
  • Lower the handle to go left and lift the handle to go right. Let go of the handle to stop.
  • Turn the machine off when finished. Unplug it. Remove and clean the brush. Rewind the power cord and put the machine away.


Some floor polishers are equipped with a device for cleaning up the dust that forms when floors are cleaned and polished, as well as with “floating” brushes or a tank and attachments for washing floors and shampooing carpets (with a device to prevent liquid from splashing). They are also manufactured with special attachments for sanding and polishing furniture and automobile bodies and in combination with vacuum cleaners.

Concrete Polishing Equipment; for Brilliant yet Affordable Results

Concrete Polishing Equipment; for Brilliant yet Affordable Results

Concrete Polishing Equipment

Concrete Polishing Equipment is basic equipment that is used to properly polish concrete and achieve top-quality results. With the recent advancement in polishing equipment and techniques, concrete floor surfaces (new or old) can now be grinded which results in a high-shine and a smooth finish. It does not need waxes or coatings. Polished concrete has now become a renowned flooring surface that provides ease of maintenance along with superior durability. Be it warehouses, academic institutions, retail stores, or other high-traffic facilities, all make use of this equipment.


However, concrete polishing equipment caters to many more than just utilitarian purposes. It is also an economical flooring option for those homeowners and businesses which are unable to afford expensive marble or granite floors but at the same time wish for the same brilliance and glossy finish.


Significance of Concrete Polishing


Concrete Polishing Equipment is a noted preference in flooring that is suitable for both residential as well as commercial properties. This flooring is long-lasting and also ensures a refined look. Facilitation of true brilliance in color and texture is one of the main reasons for its popularity.


Gone are the days when Concrete Flooring was mere slabs of grey (dim and dull) and was just an affordable means of flooring. Today, owners of property make a distinct preference of various different colors, shades and polishes that offer a premium look and feel to their overall property. This Concrete Polishing Equipment is a popular choice because of the diversity it offers while remaining pocket-friendly. It does not involve any extensive care, replacement/maintenance cost, or any waxing/coating. Moreover, it is dirt and slip resistant.


Few Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying


●      Market Research: A thorough research of market is a must before investing in the equipment.

●      Evaluation of Power Options: There are different options available in the market to suit different purposes.

  • Choice of Package Deal: Choose the package that works for the business as one size doesn’t fit all.

Wet Vs Dry Concrete Polishing


There are two options via which contractors can get concrete polished; wet method and dry method. Though, a combination of both these methods is used by them.


Wet Polishing Method- In this method water is used to cool the diamond abrasives and to get rid of the grinding dust. Water increases the life of the polishing abrasives (resin-bonded disks, in particular) by reducing friction and acting as a lubricant. However, this method has a disadvantage is the mess that it creates and slower productivity.


Dry Polishing Method- In this method, there is no usage of water. Machines armed with dust-containment devices are used by contractors that clear all the mess. This method is suited for initial grinding steps or when concrete is being removed. Some manufacturers adopt wet polishing in the later phase when the surface becomes smoother; while some have introduced resin-bonded disks that facilitate an entire dry process.













Dust Shroud for Grinder Makes Workmen’s Best Companion

Dust Shroud for Grinder Makes Workmen’s Best Companion

For those who are not aware of dust shroud for grinder is one of devices that come attach with angle grinder in order to collect debris and dirt generated and accumulated while concrete grinding, floor polishing and wood sanding activities.

Dust shroud for grinders from are widely choose because of their sturdy construction, and offers excellent dust extraction efficiency. Majorly used for grinding applications, the devices are not only well-engineered dust control machines but also boost productivity, prolong machine life and saves energy.

Dust Shroud for Grinder Comes Equipped With Great Productivity

Dust shroud for grinder from are available in different models with its unique working pattern. The grinder machines are different but the surface grinders for application have just one thing in common – Dust. Each of devices are equipped with myriad of purposes and each one of the represents unique features to get the work done with the best of ability while protecting the workmen and ensure the dust residue are easy to deal with.

The Working of Dust Shroud for Grinder

Not to seal, but this petite machinery is designed to move the debris and dust generated at the site. The device is designed in such a way that it efficiently captures the debris and dust, reduces 100% suction lock which let the grinder float across the surface easily.

The seal generates a vortex of moving air around the circumference of the shroud capturing all the dirt in one go. The polymer seal of the shroud is replaceable when worn out. However; it doesn’t requires replacing and removing the abrasive or the steel shroud. The polymer seal is easy to replace and hardly take a minute to do it.

Important Things to Keep In Mind

  • The Dust Shroud for grinder should incorporates a dense rubber dust-collecting seal that is attached by hook and loop
  • The shroud should be able to achieve zero edging from three sides with the seal in place
  • The front 2 corners are cut back to provide edging around the odd shapes of any work site
  • The Dust Shroud for grinder comes equipped with an adjustable angle grinder-mounting system that allows for quick and easy attachment to most 7- and 9-inch angle grinders without adding a thing.
  • The dust port should measure about 1½ inches as this allows the use of smaller hoses providing an ease of operation, maneuverability and better dust control.

Dust shroud for grinders designed by keeping in mind to provide the best of its efficiency when used for any indoor/outdoor project. XPS’s Dust Shroud for grinder devices allow it to fit any angle grinder with a bearing cap measuring without changing or adding anything during attachment.

This allows for changing from angle grinder to angle grinder without purchasing specific mounts. That eliminates the “fit-up” issue that most workmen face with other products presently sold in the market.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is about shaping stone, fitting a tile, cutting bricks, working on mortar joints for re-pointing or engaging the surface for final finishes, having the right dust shroud for grinder tool in operating condition, along with appropriate protective gear, is important to make a project successful. There are lots of ways where you can gain knowledge about dust shroud for grinder equipment such as visiting supplier like website for any detailed information.

Floor Grinding Equipment – Everything You Should Know

With the time, more and more people have started to enjoy the benefits of having floor grinding equipment; and not just those who are working on it commercially, but those as well who wish to carry on DIY projects. Xtreme Polishing Systems is a leading name when it comes to grinding equipment. Dealing in wide range of grinding equipment, the company is known for offering these devices that are perfect for leveling out uneven surfaces, break up the deposit dirt, oil and the usual wear and tear accumulated on it.

House owners, retailers, medical facilities, schools and majority of the sites have concrete flooring, and most importantly chosen over and above anything else is due to the benefits it brings in.

The basics

Floor grinding equipment is required to smooth down the concrete surfaces and reveal the shiny and smooth surfaces. These are basically heavy-duty machines, which are run on the concrete slab in order to polish and make the surface even that look more attractive.

Also, this makes pavements, parking lots and roads easier to ride. At times, the equipment is used on the freeways to repair the road and correct the road texture.

Different Types Of Floor Grinding Equipment

Shot Blast Grinding Equipment

Majority of the contractors are already using shot blast equipment, which help resurface concrete. Here the device shoots small steel balls at the concrete on a high velocity. The device efficiently removes the dirt, chemicals and other materials from concrete surface making it look beautiful along with adding more life to it.

Diamond Grinding Equipment

It is one of the most popular grinding equipment that offers smooth finish offering great floor finishing for application of various adhesives, epoxies and coatings. One of the primary benefits of utilizing this equipment is easy to wield with different grinding accessories. It is believed that when you are working on denser or newer concrete the diamond grinding equipment can give better polishing effect.

Scarifying Grinding Equipment

The equipment is known for offering fine cutting. So, if you are looking for something very sharp and meticulous cutting, scarifying grinding machine is the one that gives you the desired look. Majorly used for pavement cutting and also for removing coating from surface of the concrete. Smoother finish and better life that is what the device is most praised for.

The above mentioned are no doubt the best grinding devices used till date, however with the changing technology there are other machinery available and these too can be wield with varied accessories for best results.

Our infrastructure is growing and there will be always the need of providing a better and quality life to our roads, pavement, parking lots and such sites. The maintenance cost of taking care of the concrete surface is expensive; hence using these grinding equipment’ helps in removing dirt, oil, grime and ensure that concrete is levelled up all smooth and polished.

If you are a beginner at using grinding equipment it is important that you do research beforehand for your project and make sure that you read out the instruction of functioning the same. It will be better if you hire a professional help in doing so, as it requires good knowledge, expertise and precision to work on it.





Use Xtreme Polishing Equipment To Get The Perfect Concrete Polished Floors

Use Xtreme Polishing Equipment To Get The Perfect Concrete Polished Floors

When one enters an office, home or warehouse, one of the major features that capture attention is the floor. A well-polished floor can be a very welcoming and calming sight.

As much as concrete is hard, it can also be polished to give it a shine and sophisticated look. It is popular in schools, retail malls, warehouses, offices and many public spaces.

To get that shiny surface, it needs specialized equipment do that particular job. The equipment used is called a concrete grinder. They are usually used to grind down the surface of the concrete using a combination of diamond abrasives and metal bond. The floor is also treated with a densifier. Resin bond abrasives are also used to achieve the desired smoothness and shine.

Concrete diamond abrasives come in different grits from a high of 3000 grit to a minimum of 16grit.To get the best result use the highest amount of grit 3000.For a floor to be considered polished, it has to reach a grit of above 400. The finished work is usually measured by grade and finish. The higher the finish, the shinier the polish and the higher the grade comes out to be, it tends to create larger the aggregates.

So what are the steps of polishing a concrete floor?

  1. Sweep clean the concrete and evaluate the hardness of the concrete by using Mohs
  2. Check for any cracks and repair if found any.
  3. Start the initial grinding process.
  4. After the initial grinding, apply the liquid hardener on the concrete. This hardens the surface and protects against water penetration and staining.
  5. Continue to polish moving to the next higher grit level.
  6. Protect your polish by applying a stain-guard product.
  7. When done properly, the concrete shines and looks chic and sophisticated.

Why use polished concrete floor?

  • They are considered a cheaper option as it is something that is already there hence it saves the trouble of purchasing extra materials.
  • It is low maintenance- when done correctly, it becomes easy to clean.
  • It is durable- it can last up to 100 years, it improves with years.
  • It is not affected by dust mites or mold.
  • Any damage that can come as a result of humidity or moisture does not affect the polished floor.

The graycolor looks too much industrial to give it a touch of personal taste polished concrete can be dyed or stained this enhances the look of the concrete.

Polished concrete can be retrofitted by adding another 50 mm thick concrete or by sanding the existing floor so that it can be hardened and polished. Another slab can also be added then polishing can be done.

When compared to the other forms of flooring, such as tiling, wooden, vinyl or linoleum concrete polishing is observed to be less expensive.

Concrete polishing is becoming popular, and as much as we see it being in warehouses and retail spaces, it isis now time we start embracing it in our homes also.

All You Need To Know About Cup Wheels for Concrete Floor Grinding

All You Need To Know About Cup Wheels for Concrete Floor Grinding

Diamond grinding cup wheel is a diamond tool bonded with metal and diamond segments are welded along or a cold –pressed metal wheel body, which appears in cup shape. These diamond grinding cup wheels are normally used to break down heavy building material blocks like concrete, granite and marble.

This diamond cup wheels are designed for various tasks with different segments. The one with many big diamond segments are used for heavy loaded work like grinding stone and concrete, while with lesser segment diamond cup wheel are used to remove paints, glues, wallpapers etc…

There are verity of bonds in diamond segments of diamond grinding cup wheel, different diamond grits, quality of diamond and the diamond concentration to fit for different uses. For example, for the harder grinding use the soft bond.

Diamond cup wheel are used to grind different roughness materials. For rough grinding, use the soft bond and the quality of the diamond should be higher because there is chance of diamond to lose its sharpness. In hard grinding bigger grit will help to improve work efficiency.

For fine grinding or for soft grinding the bond should be coarse and the quality of the diamond should be lower. In this the concentration of the diamond should be higher to get more work efficiency.

The effect of diamond cup wheel is depending upon the usage and there are main indicators like grinding efficiency, processing quality and service life. Electroplated diamond grinding wheel is used in the world to grind the edge of the stone. This consumes lot of energy, noise pollution etc… in the process of production. As the modern manufacturing industry develops this kind of traditional stone edge grinding tool is facing lot of issues and challenges.

Brazing low noise diamond grinding wheel made out of two materials like epoxy matrix and steel substrate. With the help of this inbuilt structure it will help to grind and provide required shape to the hard concrete material. This can happen only if the Epoxy resin is allowed to control the grinding device.

The combination in brazing helps in the reduction of weight of grinding tools and energy consumption. It also helps to decreases the noise pollution, reduces the vibration in the working process and also minimizes the damage caused to operator.

Diamond grinding wheels are mainly used for grinding, shaping, flattening or softening the particular stone implementation. Xtremepolishing system (XPS) store offers diamond grinding cup wheels and shaping wheels which comes in verity of dimension, grits and position. The product line which you notice in our store helps to reduce chipping and will fix the shape and size of the fabricator to fight tightly in the corner and to obtain smooth and unblemished finish.

To know more about Diamond Grinding wheel cups and it’ s availability get in contact with our XPS expertise by dialing 877-958-5264 or log on to our website to get more  information

Experience Quality with Xtreme Polishing Systems

Experience Quality with Xtreme Polishing Systems

Xtreme Polishing Systems, one of the popular name in US focusses in producing dust shrouds, concrete sealers, concrete densifiers, and edge machine grinders etc. which facilitates the home or shop owners to the fullest extent. The company has already years of proficiency in the particular field of concrete densifiers which has helped it to earn a name in this very industry.

The Number 1 Service Provider:

In recent times, Xtreme Polishing Systems has attained massive popularity amidst the crowd in the US market due to its top- class service which is completely unfathomable until anyone avail their service. This company located in Florida that usually deals with sales or production of concrete densifiers equipment with some other things too. Well, if anyone thinks what is the use of densifiers or why densifiers then let everyone know the addition of siliconate and silicone agents in it to act like a sealer. This aids to create not only to make water repellant floor but also it is very much resistant to liquids in general.

Apart from this, it maximizes the compressive strength of the concrete.The company recently decides to offer best offers on the concrete package that would help their business to come up with flying colors once again. Which is why after long 25 years, this company is continuously earning much respect from their competitors as well. Anyone can get a wide range of densifiers that fulfill the requirements magnificently. The great part is that Xtreme Polishing Systems provide all their products at an affordable price that would motivate the buyers to buy all these stuff from one store.

So, now it becomes easier to get best deals at best prices. Apart from densifiers, they also provide burnishing machines, concrete sealers, dyes & stains, flooring kits and many more that would offer the buyers a great relief knowing they are purchasing world- class materials from a reputed company.

Ultimate Aim- Customer’s Satisfaction:

Client satisfaction is something that is always sought by Xtreme Polishing Systems because this company knows well that buyers and their contentment are the ultimate one which would lead them to achieve great success in this industry. So they develop a user friendly site to aid their buyers as well as visitors know about their previous and new services that will offer them a clear picture of their quality services. There visitors can get various pricing option which would help them to choose the perfect service along with the price based on their budget. In this way, Xtreme Polishing Systems value the needs of their new buyers as well as the old one.


Xtreme Polishing Systems is a renowned seller, manufacturer and also distributor providing top notch quality equipment and tools to the buyers. They provide their products with quality assurance that helps the buyers to have real time user experience. Customers can take a look on their official page to get a wide variety of equipment and tools that would definitely offer them real time benefit.