Learn Why Polished Floor Cleaners System Are The Most Preferred One

We all like crystal clear gleaming floorings. Who doesn’t wish to have that kind of flooring if it is coming in affordable price? With the changing of times, home furnishing has undergone a great evolvement. Learning how to polish your floors not only let you save huge money but adds extra shine and beauty to your floorings.

It is simple DIY project which requires minimum of investment which is usually a mopping machine and liquid. It is relatively quick, cheap, easy way to maintain your flooring.

The first step is choosing a floor cleaner for your flooring

Understand, there are different types of flooring and with that it requires precise polished floor cleaners as no two floorings are same; hence you have to be extremely careful in choosing a floor cleaner as it may ruin your flooring.

Evolving traditional cleaning techniques

Today, with the increasing demand to get a polished, gleaming floors it is next to impossible to have it through traditional cleaning techniques. The new polished floor cleaner eliminates the stains, grease and dirt away swiftly in minimum of time and these cleaners are designed to provide disinfected, deodorize and deep cleaning treatments. As a result your flooring will not only get cleaned but gets free of germs.

The evolving technique is the best for the spaces like malls, restaurants, school etc. where there is a heavy foot traffic seen. Also it minimizes the uses of multiple equipment like brushes, sponges, mop, buckets and other several cleaning chemicals. The frequent cleaning not only sanitizes but deodorizes the flooring in the shortest time possible.

Efficient & Powerful

The polish floor cleaner machines available at xtremepolishingsystems.com have widely prospered and in fact have become the most preferred choice because they are great in maintaining different type of floors such as marble, concrete, hardwood, granite, linoleum, grout and tile. The versatility of these machines is they can be used for varied applications and for residential and commercial settings.

Also; some of the floor cleaner devices come with high end features like steam cleaning. This helps to dissolve the toughest stain marks, dirt, grease as well as tough deposits which are stuck on the surface of your flooring. These powerful features of the cleaning machines have helped housekeeping people in getting the cleaning done in less time and the results are truly unbelievable.

The best polish floor cleaners’ machines are now capable of giving steam power washing as they come featured with spin cleaning, and sludge extractors. The versatility of the cleaner machine helps the user to accomplish host of cleaning without making it messy.

Before you go out to buy yourself polish cleaners for your flooring it is important to know which device and cleaning chemical will be able to give enhanced results. Xtreme Polishing Systems educates you to make the right choice for your project; as you are dealing with the flooring and there is lot of time, efforts and cost that you put in. Don’t settle for temporary shiny cleaning rather go for cleaner system which are designed to offer better hygienic cleaning in minimum of time.

Concrete Sealer

Why You Should Go With The Sprayable Sealers

When it comes to construction, the finishing of concrete surfaces with the perfect sealer cannot be over emphasized. It is vital that the concrete surface is sealed with a layer of concrete sealer. This will give it a perfect finish as well as that excellent and beautiful look. When it comes to applying a sealer, the task is not cumbersome. All you need to do is have the basic knowledge on how to do it and have the right materials and equipment in place.

Over the years, many construction companies have gone with the choice to buy sprayable sealers because they have proved to be more efficient. When choosing to purchase sprayable sealers, many people always choose between the two primary sprayable sealers. These are Water-based-sealers or solvent-based-sealers.

When you buy sprayable sealers, it is important to note the application for which it is intended because some are meant to be used indoors while others are for outdoor use. You should also consider the kind of finish because they offer different finishes.

The reasons why many people opt to buy sprayable sealers include the fact that:

They are easy to apply: All that one will need is the sprayable sealer and spraying equipment. From there, your job will be set. Also, they come when they are ready to apply. There are no prior preparations to get the sealer ready.

They are resistant to Ultra Violet light: This is especially for acrylic sealers. They are transparent, and they do not allow photochemical breakdown to take place. This means they can last longer.

They are durable: They have the ability to last longer and especially acrylic sealers used outside. They also offer incredible protection against staining from different sources like foods, juice, and even oil staining.

When you buy sprayable sealers, it is vital that you consider the following when choosing between water-based-sealers and solvent-based-sealers.

  1. Their appearance: If you are after a glossier look, then you should go for the solvent-based-sealer, and when you are after a milky look, then you should go for the water-based-sealer.
  2. Ease of handling: Working with water-based-solvent means mild odor, easy clean-ups after applications, and more.

After putting everything in perspective and having everything in place, it is also very important that you work with the best sprayer. You can work with a hand pump sprayer which is excellent for water-based-sealers. You can also use standard economic pump-up garden sprayers, heavy duty solvent resistant pump-up sprayers, and others.

With the knowledge of sprayable sealers provided, you can now buy sprayable sealers for that perfect finish. You can also understand why many people opt to buy sprayable sealers.

The Perfect Way to Maintain Your Floors

The Perfect Way to Maintain Your Floors

Places where there a lot of people constantly coming in, such as retail stores, décor stores, and such other places require a high level of cleanliness. With the floors of these places usually being polished, even a speck of dirt can be seen by the naked eye.
Although some people use traditional methods of cleaning and maintain their floors, it is important that they should be absolutely spick and span. Therefore, one must use the two main products to keep the surfaces clean- concrete polishing machine, and floor scrubbing machines. As the name suggests, a concrete polishing machine is ideally used to grind the concrete floors in order to give it a glossy finish, thereby giving it a more polished look. A concrete polishing machine is a rather intelligent and inexpensive alternative to granite and marble. This is because of the machine, using a concrete stripper, removes all the dust, dirt, stains, blemishes, and light coating; giving you a smooth and neat surface. Also, maintaining it is also not too much of a hassle.

To keep the floors shiny and sparkly, we tend to use the age- old technique of mopping the surface. However, if a customer walks in, only to realize that there is soap water all over gives a shabby impression of yours. Furthermore, there is always a risk of someone slipping over the surface. The surface too doesn’t look all that neat. Therefore, a better alternative to it is using floor scrubbing machines.

Floor scrubbing machines are used to scrub the floor, thereby giving it a more polished and shiny look. The scrubbers are round and continuously rotate while they are on; thereby cleaning the surface and eliminating the dirt and stain marks. Unlike the mop method, this does not require any soap to be used. Instead, there are chemicals that need to be put into the system which doesn’t even end up making the surface slippery. It has a sprayer that is made to fit on the floor scrubbing machine, and using water and chemical solutions, it removes the stains. Floor scrubbing machines have a lot of variety in it, and come in a range of sizes, depending on the area as well as the use.

Thus, one must use this equipment in order to maintain their floors- be that at a workplace, or even at home.

The Difference Between DIY Epoxy and Industrial Grade Epoxy Kits

The Difference Between DIY Epoxy and Industrial Grade Epoxy Kits

When it comes to comparing epoxy DIY kits to professional industrial grade epoxy for the floors, there is no comparison to the industrial grade epoxy.  It is actually better to have the professionals roll out the epoxy on the floor with proper industrial grade epoxy. The DIY kits are not worth the headache and waste of time and money. Many think installing epoxy is really simple and can be a one-day DIY project, but that is not always the case.

The epoxies in the DIY kits are actually a water-based material, which means it is 50% solid and evaporates easily. This also means the epoxy will make a very thin coat on the floor. Since it makes a thin coat, the DIY kit will need to be applied multiple times. This will make the DIY project harder to complete properly. Even after that it still will not be the correct thickness epoxy needs to be when applied to the floor.  It will not be any where near the thickness of industrial grade epoxy.

Professional industrial grade epoxy is 100% solid and is much thicker than the water-based materials in DIY kits. The coating to the DIY epoxy are also not the same quality as the industrial grade epoxy professionals use. DIY kits does not stand up to the usual wear and tear and could chip and peel easily. Professionals use a high grade and high solid epoxy that is resistant to chemicals and heavy wear and tear. Professional industrial grade epoxy is strong and will hold up in normal to heavy traffic.

Another common issue with the DIY epoxy kits is these kits do not provide enough chips to evenly distribute the chips across the floor. When there aren’t enough chips for the floor to be epoxied with it makes the floor look uneven and unprofessional. This makes the process completed incorrectly and does not look finished. When a professional properly epoxies the floor there are enough chips distributed across the floor giving it an even and professional look.

One major problem with epoxy is the application process to the floor. Once the resin and hardener is mixed, it has to be immediately rolled out on the floor before it dries. The mixture only gives a small window for the process, so there is no room for error. Professionals have all the equipment and highly trained manpower needed to complete the job properly and in the timely manner epoxy gives.

So to sum it up. It is much better to have the professionals handle the job to make sure it is completed correctly. Check out industrial grade epoxy kits at www.xtremepolishingsystems.com/Epoxy-Floor-Kits-s/2030.htm