Understanding The Science Of Working With Floor Hardeners

Understanding The Science Of Working With Floor Hardeners

Floorings are hard, but not always hard; with the time the cracks starts to appear and often starts to wear out before time. To increase their longevity; floor hardeners are used. It acts like a concealer that ensures the flooring doesn’t get damaged for a longer time.

What’s the theory of using Xtreme Polishing Systems floor hardeners?

Usually, these floor hardeners work like this:

The usual flooring contains calcium carbonate, lime which plays an important role in strengthening and making it durable. However; the chemical reactions don’t reach every last bit of the cement.

With the growing trend within the concrete flooring industry is to apply the floor hardeners on freshly-troweled concrete in what is referred to as a pre-seal. Professionals/workmen specialized in flooring treatment advises to apply hardeners within 28 days of time after the concrete surface has laid out which gives maximum performance.

Professionals at Xtreme Polishing Systems recommends 28 days based on their strong understanding of the chemistry behind floor hardeners and the means by which they densify concrete surfaces.

Now the theory

Day 1 to Day 28

On day 1 the hardeners have less or no time to hydrate within the concrete slab as it the concrete flooring still has calcium hydroxide which takes time to react with the hardener. Also, the presence of water prevents floor hardeners to enter deep into concrete.

The hardener by this time is not able to enter concrete apertures and with the constrained expanses of calcium hydroxide to react with, it remains on the concrete’s surface and reacts with the air to form unusable, salts.

Day 28

Conversely, after 28 days of hydration, pores and capillaries are theoretically free of excess mix water and calcium hydroxide is abundant. Hardener has way to penetrate into the capillaries’ and pores beyond the concrete surface, and reacting it with the calcium hydroxide during the course of the slab which generates calcium silicate hydrate gels.

The performance of floor hardeners are limited when concrete to be treated lack a sufficient amount of calcium hydroxide, or when it is unable to penetrate due to the surface being saturated with water.

Testing Is Done

For testing the concrete flooring whether the hardeners have worked or not; 2 abrasive wheels are moved onto the surface. Scratches and scruffiness is measured by the amount of ground up concrete removed from the surface. Concrete dust, debris is then collected from the specimen and evaluated on an analytical balance. The more concrete debris removed and collected, the more heavily scuffed the surface.


Floor hardeners play an important role which one should not overlook. Taking in its significance and with the industry demands, which not only takes care of the foot traffic demands but ensure that one doesn’t have to undergo costly flooring replacing treatments. Also; engage yourself with basic understandings of these hardeners as they are available in variety serving different purposes.

These are not easy DIY projects; hence xtremepolishingsystem.com offers a very detailed understanding of using one. It is also consults on various professional flooring services; it is advisable to get suggestions and guidance from experienced professionals especially when you are dealing with an expensive project.

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Why You Will Not Regret Dying Your Concrete Floors

When it comes to construction of buildings, many construction companies will always work with concrete. Concretes are unique and popular in our world today as they are strong and durable making them the best option for construction. They are also very absorbent making it an easy task to apply dye on them. For this reason, the culture where people dye concrete floors has taken root, and it has proved to be worth the while.

When you choose to dye concrete floors, you are making a superior choice over other methods of beautifying concrete. There are numerous benefits of choosing to dye concrete floors that you will not enjoy when you choose any other method of decorating your concrete. Some of the advantages I am speaking about include:

They do not react: dyes are very gentle on your concrete and have no reactive properties which may react with calcium chloride which is found n concrete. This means that your concrete will last longer and be in great condition.

Dye penetrates more efficiently: when using dyes to decorate your concrete floor, you can rest be assured that it will get to the surfaces of the concrete more efficiently. This will give you that perfect finished look.

Dyes offer intense colors: when the colors are intense, your concrete floors will have the vibrant and precise look that you desire them to have. There are no disappointments when you pick any color because it will be exactly what it is projected to be.

Dyes are more permanent: when you choose to dye concrete floors, you can take comfort and have joy in the fact that you will not be thinking about your floors for a very long time. Because of its great ability to penetrate even deeper because of small particles and fill the concrete’s pores, they become a dependable choice for decoration.

Give a smooth and elegant finish: dyes have excellent particles that cannot be easily felt when one steps on concrete barefoot.

Keep your on track with the changing trends: by choosing to dye concrete floors, you are joining the millions of people that do. Dying concrete floors is a trend that has been set, and many follow it. Being part of them shows you can keep up with trends.

Instead of going with the traditional coloring of concrete or even staining concrete, you should try using dye and enjoy the benefits like many other people do.

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Epoxy Floor Coatings vs. A Basic Mechanical Floor Polish

Epoxy Floor Coatings vs. A Basic Mechanical Floor Polish

Epoxy Coatings are a revolutionary product because when it is applied to concrete flooring it makes the flooring durable, colorful and valuable. Epoxy coating has been used more and more in hotels, showrooms, restaurants, retail outlets, industries, garages, warehouses and more to protect and provide beautiful coloring to the concrete flooring.

The epoxy coating process is a chemical reaction after combining epoxide resin and a polyamine hardener that converts them from a liquid to a solid. The solid epoxy is applied over concrete flooring to provide the flooring with a high gloss, colorful and durable surface.

There are a number of benefits to applying epoxy floor coating to concrete flooring.  Epoxy provides a seamless surface that is durable, attractive, shiny, colorful and easy to keep clean. Epoxy floor coating protects the original concrete because the coating is resistant to chemical spills. Also, epoxy flooring is considered a “green” alternative to building material because the coating is an environmentally friendly flooring option.

Another great benefit of epoxy floor coating is the process is cost efficient. It is an affordable solution for coating that will last for years and provides little maintenance or upkeep.

What is the difference in using epoxy floor coating and mechanically polished concrete flooring? Mechanically polished concrete flooring process takes diamond blades to mechanically grind down the concrete until it is smooth and shiny.

Many ask when should epoxy floor coating be used instead of mechanically polishing process? The mechanically polished process is only for indoor flooring. However epoxy floor coating can be used indoors and outdoors because the seal acts as a protectant to the concrete from wear and tear from natural environment elements. The epoxy floor coating can have special grit added to the top layer to make it ideal for around pools or wet areas and keep if from being slippery.

Another area that epoxy floor coating should be used instead mechanical polish process is in areas that could have chemical spills. Mechanical polish process does not have a coating to protect the original concrete so chemical spills could damage the surface and cost more money to restore the flooring. Since the epoxy floor coating provides a protective seal, the concrete is protected from chemical spills and is easier to clean up the mess.

Check out the great epoxy floor coating options that Xtreme Polishing Systems provides for garages, warehouses, industrial flooring, showrooms, residential and more. Our epoxy flooring will provide your business or home with beautiful, colorful, durable and easy to clean flooring at an affordable price.

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How Decorative Concrete is Being Used More in the Retail Sector

How Decorative Concrete is Being Used More in the Retail Sector

Decorative concrete flooring is becoming a popular choice in flooring surfaces in retail and commercial businesses across the United States and replacing the use of vinyl tile, quarry tile, wood and carpet. The usage of dyes, stains, coloring, textures, patterns, saw cuts and polishing brings a new life to decorative concrete compared to the old look of concrete, a boring gray flooring choice. Now concrete flooring brings a superb interior design model into any retail and commercial business space.

The market for decorative concrete has shown a tremendous growth and it shows to keep growing in the flooring market because the cost of concrete is so much more affordable than other flooring options. Using concrete helps retail and commercial businesses do their part in using sustainable and eco friendly material. Businesses are becoming more interested in helping the environment by using recycled material such as concrete.

Retail and commercial floor surfaces can take so much abuse from foot traffic and equipment like forklifts. When the surface is damaged and needs to be fixed it can become a burden, disrupt business and loss money. When properly sealed and polisheddecorative concrete floors are low maintenance and can last a lifetime. Especially when the floor is sealed with breathable sealers that can penetrate the concrete.

Since decorative concrete is low maintenance and can last for years, the cost over the lifetime of concrete is extremely lower than other surfaces like tile, wood and carpet. And polished concrete flooring is easy to keep clean unlike other flooring like vinyl tiles, which needs to be cleaned every day. Since concrete flooring is easier to keep clean it helps reduce accidents like slips and falls on dirty surface. Polished decorative concrete provides retail and commercial space with flatter, smoother and more durable flooring.

In addition to being a more affordable flooring choice, decorative concrete reflects retail lighting easily making the retail space seem larger, brighter and appeals to the customers. Since polished concrete flooring reflexes lighting so well, it help business owners to reduce lighting costs and save on energy.

Owners of retail and commercial spaces are able to save money by using decorative concrete floors. Concrete has the ability to help reduce energy, cut down on accidents and lower maintenance costs. And the look of decorative flooring helps bring an entertaining design element to any space. No wonder decorative concrete is being used more and more for businesses.

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