Types Of Cement Dye That Helps Beautify Your Boring Cement Surface

Types Of Cement Dye That Helps Beautify Your Boring Cement Surface

Decorative concrete or we say colored cement is newest trends today. House owners are showing keen interest in trying new things and cement dye is the new project. For an average person, the word cement immediately evokes the idea of grey, cold, and sterile substance which is obvious however; with the changing of times the grey color has been replaced by many other which surely looks amazing beautiful when done on the surface.

The ever expanding concept of starting to challenge the concept transforming the greyish ideas into inviting decorative surfaces showing off the creative side in variety of colors.

Coloring the Cement

There are several things that plays role in making your cemented surface look beautiful. From pigment selection to water content to mixing to type of cement to color to finishing technique every bit of are the determining factors that are important and crucial to make you achieve the kind of look you desire.

Cement dye is just the starting point, there is lot more and beyond to that makes your surface look vibrant.

Different Types Of Cement Decorative Dying

Cement Stamping

This is perhaps the most popular decorative method that house owners love having. Colored natural stone and cement are picking up the trend and the concrete stamping offers completely new look to your surface than a regular one. Before the cement dries; a unique pattern in stamped gently on the colored cement hence enhancing the look which comes without stretching your pockets.

Acid Stain Look

These cement dyes are mixed with an alcohol, and a carrier and sprayed on to the cement surface. It is topped with the water based sealer that creates a dappled look, highlighting the unique characteristic of the concrete.

Water-based Stain Look

With time your surface shows the signs of pigmentation, to avoid your surface from ruining the look you can try using water based stain look which is one of the cement dye technique that lets your cement to breathe hence won’t chip away. To get dramatic effect, you can add multiple colors to the mixture and get the desired look for your surface.


Choosing The Color Scheming For Your Cement Surface

To evoke and illuminate your boring cement surface, you can choose various coloring options which are made available through cement dyes. There are several ways to beautify the surface such as:

Dry shake color hardeners

These dry shakes are hand broadcasted on the cementing surface of the wet concrete and colored only the top layers. Since; the color is concentrated, it tends to become more intense that usual coloring. It is said to be improving the density and the strength of the cementing surface along with enhancing it.

Surface applied colors

Here the layering of the colors gives natural looking color variants that we usually see in natural stone surfacing. The options available are:

  • Water based acrylic stain coloring
  • Tinted liquid release agents

Integral Coloring

In here, the cement dye penetrates deeply into the entire slab adding integral color pigmentation to the fresh cement surface. However, there are limited options available which are mostly pastel and earth stones. House owners prefer this one as it not only beautifies the surface but offers maximum longevity to it.

How To Choose The Right Floor Scrubber Pads

How To Choose The Right Floor Scrubber Pads

There is nothing satisfactory like beauty of clean, gleaming flooring. With the changing of times, cleaning and maintaining the flooring has come a long way. There are lots many methods and techniques introduced to get the shiny flooring at a very less price.

XtremePolishingSystems is a leading name when it comes to floor scrubber pads. With the changing of time the company has evolved providing newest and efficient scrubber pads. Irrespective of hottest techniques available now using floor scrubber pads are the most popular, convenient and affordable method chosen by contractors, site workers and home owners. Any seasoned floor maintenance professional knows which scrubber pad to use, but if you are a beginner than you need to understand how this accessory works and how to choose the right one.

All floor scrubber pads have different functioning and uniqueness to offer. One has to be extremely careful while choosing; as the wrong one will end up scrapping your floor’s beauty.

Understanding The Floor Pad Composition

Majority of the scrubber pads are made up of cotton, jute, nylon as well as natural fibers. Synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon create softer pads which offer smooth scrubbing. For the aggressive scrubbing it has natural fiber content such as cotton, walnut, coconut etc.

Blended natural fibers pads are majorly used for heavy duty floor scrubbing. When not chose the right scrubber pad they are less likely to remove scratches, marks, and may not give you the kind of finish it desires.

Microfiber pads are excellent for regular cleaning and burnishing moreover; while scrubbing it doesn’t create dust and there are fewer residues to clean when the work is done. Some of these scrubber pads may be expensive, but they can be reused and offers excellent work.

Scrubbing Pads & Its Uses

For severe kinds of flooring, there are these ultra-blue colored pads available which are designed out of heavy duty fibers, have an open weave design and most importantly have abrasive grain that removes the old finish with the tough absorbent design.

To remove the scuff and soiled areas there are these green scrubber pads which are used on heavily trafficked areas. For high glossy finish or spray buffing you can choose to have red scrubber pads. These are for routine cleaning and easy to remove light scuff marks. It has non-abrasive buffing design which lets you have mirror glossy shined flooring.

Before Choosing Scrubber Floor Pad

Before you go ahead and shop for the scrubber pad, it requires determining the hardness of the finish, the chemical being used for the scrubbing, frequency of care and under which grinding machinery it is going to be used. Go ahead and ask questions and queries to the professional or to the store professional which can lend you substantial and helpful information in picking up the best. Moreover; you can rely on the Internet for the more and detailed information which will not only help you get the right fit but also let you compare between the brands and the pricing.

From general purpose to high scrubbing, these scrubber pads do an amazing job to keep your flooring intact, glossy and shining. Always read carefully the instructions and wear safety gears while operating such machinery just to avoid any mishaps.

Get the Best Burnishing Pads from XPS

Get the Best Burnishing Pads from XTREME

A burnished floor refers to a concrete slab that has been trawled upon to the point that it is smooth and glossy. The goal of burnishing is to produce durable, impervious and smooth concrete that is free of any towel marks.  To achieve this, you will need some equipment, the most important equipment required is the floor burnisher. This is to produce a burnished finish which will ensure no footprints or screed marks appear. Another important equipment is the floor burnishing pad.

A burnisher is a floor machine that has high-speed rotor attached to a large burnishing pad which spins at high speed to produce a polished shine on floor surfaces. They spin at speeds ranging from 1500 to 3000 rpm.

Burnishing Pads

These are natural, synthetic pads having a large diameter,which has different grits sizes and are used together with a burnishing machine to maintain and restore coatings to a high gloss sheen. This is made possible when it rotates at speeds at speeds of 100-300rpm.

Xtreme polishers have a number burnishing pads available in the market, they include:

  1. a)Roll-X Pad – Burnishing pads are available in many sizes: 27-inch,24-inch,21-inch,20-inch,17-inch,13-inch,11-inch, and 9-inch. These pads are high-grade floor burnishing pads that give a universal fit for most commonly used burnishing machines. Thespecially designed mesh provides a uniform
  1. b)Heat Pad – They come in various sizes. The features include 90º + Heat bonds silicate coatings, Uses unique heat shield, some of them are two sided giving them double the life span compared to ordinary ones. It has a blend of synthetic and natural fibers. Great for use after the 3000 grit burnishesby the use of any impregnated diamond cream pad.
  2. c)Prem burnishes – Available in different sizes, these Prem Burnish Pads from XPS are aggressive with the correctratio of synthetic fibertoa heavy blend of natural hairs. Best suited for hard to medium finishes rotating at speeds rangingfrom 1500 RPM to a maximum of3000 RPM.
  3. d)Environmental curing pad – Available in different sizes, this optimum appearance is provided by Environmental Curing Pad and results in the fine finishing of uneven floor surfaces, marble surfaces or smooth stone without marking or burning the floor. Excellent as a curing pad on soft coatings or a fresh coat.
  4. e)Red Buffing Pad – The 13-inch Red Buffing Pads restores gloss and removing scuff marks dirt traffic on common  It can be used in conditions of dry or spray to produce a sparkling shine buffing.It is available in round, or octagon shapes making itideal for automatic scrubbing. Most of the pads are available in some grit such as 400,800, 1500 and 3000.

If you are thinking of doing polishing of concrete and why not use Xtreme polishing systems they have a range of burnishers that can suit your every need.

The Safety of Polished Concrete

The Safety of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is becoming an extremely popular flooring option for business facilitiesfactoriesschools and residential homes because concrete flooring is as easy way to use a low maintenance, eco-friendly material. Concrete eliminates the need to use other flooring like carpeting, tile, laminate and wood while lasting a lifetime. Also it does not need to be replaced like other flooring options.

Concrete flooring is a budget saving option when picking decorative flooring for schoolshospitalsfactoriesresidential homescommercial and retail buildings. Also polished concrete is a safe surface, wet or dry, when grounded down, polished and correctly cleaned. It is considered one of the highest choices in flooring options for being the safest from accidents like slips, trips and falls.

How safe can polished concrete flooring be? And how does one determine the safety of concrete flooring?

The Concrete Polishing Association of America developed tests for coefficient of friction (COF) on polished concrete flooring. The different values of COF determine the slip resistance of polished concrete along with other types of walkway surfaces during wet and dry conditions. With COF testing, there are two different types of measurements. Static coefficient of friction (SCOF) tests the force needed to get an object to move budge or slip on walkways surfaces. While dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) tests the force needed for the object to stay in motion or slide with a constant velocity.

With the COF testing of polished concrete, CPAA shows indication that a large amount of concrete surfaces are providing measurements of 0.50 and higher for DCOF when wet. The American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) acceptable range value for walkway surfaces to be safe for DCOF is >0.42. This makes the DOCF measurements for polished concrete while wet considerably higher than the ANSI standard.

Now even though polished concrete has noticeable higher measurement for DOCF when wet, proper maintenance of the surface does not need to be overlooked. If polished concrete is not properly ground downcleaned and maintained, the surface still can cause accidents.

Decorative polished concrete flooring is not only energy efficient since the surface material can retain heat, it can help reduce slips, trips and falls. When accidents are reduced it can prevent litigation and damage awards that can result from those slips, trips and falls on walkway surfaces. Using polished concrete could make an impact not only providing a desirable design flair for business facilitieshospitalsschoolsresidential homes and more but can have an impact on profitability by being budget friendly and being the safest surface material.

3-n-1 Concrete Grinder, Edger & Polishing Machine

3-n-1 Concrete Grinder, Edger & Polishing Machine

The best quality and lowest cost concrete grinder on the market is the Concrete Genie designed by Xtreme Polishing Systems. The Genie is used to grind away imperfections, renovate or repair concrete flooring. It is specifically built for the professional contractors to the highest standards and specifications on the market for grinding concrete.

Xtreme Polishing Systems understands the importance of having quality tools to take care of concrete floors because concrete floors are a big job. That is why they design the Concrete Genie to make your job easier and it will prevent you costly repairs on the concrete flooring.

What makes the Concrete Genie unique on the market? It is the Xtreme Polishing Systems MagneticPlate System. The magnetic plate system is designed to go ⅛ inch away from either side or the top of the machine. The Morse flex cup bular system gives enough flexibility to get into the lowest spots on the concrete flooring. With the Concrete Genie, you will be able to grind and cut caps of the concrete along with the rest of the flooring. This will give you a uniformed look.

With the magnetic plates you will be able to remove the plates within seconds when you need to change them out for new ones or another size. This is better than the cheaper versions that could take you more than 45 minutes to just remove the plates. That is not counting putting them back on after the new plates are in spot. They are easy to take off and on because of the magnetic trapezoids. They are taller than other trapezoids on the market. The measurements are 12mm x 12mm. Cheaper trapezoids will range from 7mm x 7mm to 10mm x 10mm.

The Concrete Genie is the most desirable machine for contractors because of the magnetic plate system. The magnetic plates will work with virtually all brands on the market of PCDs, grinding pads and pucks. And they are strong enough to run at full speed.

The Concrete Genie can be used in residential homes since it is a single-phase 220-volt machine. You can simply plug it into the washer or dryer machine outlets, hot water heater outlet or 30-amp breaker box.

Other features of the Concrete Genie are the easy handles for moving the machine without three people. Since you have to have the grinder level before grinding concrete, the Genie comes with a bubble level to let you know when you are level. The water tank holds 9 gallons of water. With the water control dispenser you can control the amount of water you need for the concrete. If you need to add more water to the machine for troubling concrete or removal of coating the water tank is easily accessible in the front.

The Concrete Genie comes with a fully one year bumper to bumper warranty. So Xtreme Polishing Systems will cover any problems within the first year, but with all the machines on the market since 2011, there has been zero negative feedback on the Genie.

So looking for a machine either for first time users or professional contractors. The Concrete Genie by Xtreme Polishing Systems is the machine for you at a great price. Check out the Concrete Genie at www.xtremepolishingsystems.com.