All That You Should Know About Hand Angle Grinders

All That You Should Know About Hand Angle Grinders

What are Hand Angle Grinders?

Hand Angle Grinder is a handheld power tool which is used for different purposes such as cutting, grinding and polishing. This tool can be powered in multiple methods like; it can be an electric motor, petrol engine or compressed air. Also known as side grinder, this tool is used with large variety of cutters and attachments due to the availability of an interchangeable power source.

As the name suggests, the motor drives a geared head at a right-angle where a disc (abrasive disc or a thinner cut-off disc) is mounted. The characteristic to be able to handle different discs and accessories makes it a versatile tool. Generally, a Hand Angle Grinder has an adjustable guard and a side-handle which is suitable for two-handed operations.

What is Hand Angle Grinders Used for?

  • Cutting and grinding iron, steel and other metals, bricks and stones, rusted bolts etc.
  • Cutting up stuff for disposal in the trash
  • Sharpening blades
  • Metalworking and construction
  • Emergency rescues
  • Metal cleaning- stripping, cleaning and deburring tasks.
  • Restoring edges on rough tools like hoes

These are generally used in workshops, service garages and auto body repair shops. Construction workers and contractors generally use them for their respective purposes. These are also priceless while using in home workshops and around the house, with innumerable uses for DIY and crafts.

Hand Angle Grinders are a powerful and useful tool. However, if not used carefully, they can be dangerous. There are some safety precautions to use this tool with safety such as the safety clothing should be worn while using it, the condition of the grinder should be checked before its usage, right disc should be chosen for the job, and then the grinder should be used correctly.


Floor Grinding Equipment – Everything You Should Know

With the time, more and more people have started to enjoy the benefits of having floor grinding equipment; and not just those who are working on it commercially, but those as well who wish to carry on DIY projects. Xtreme Polishing Systems is a leading name when it comes to grinding equipment. Dealing in wide range of grinding equipment, the company is known for offering these devices that are perfect for leveling out uneven surfaces, break up the deposit dirt, oil and the usual wear and tear accumulated on it.

House owners, retailers, medical facilities, schools and majority of the sites have concrete flooring, and most importantly chosen over and above anything else is due to the benefits it brings in.

The basics

Floor grinding equipment is required to smooth down the concrete surfaces and reveal the shiny and smooth surfaces. These are basically heavy-duty machines, which are run on the concrete slab in order to polish and make the surface even that look more attractive.

Also, this makes pavements, parking lots and roads easier to ride. At times, the equipment is used on the freeways to repair the road and correct the road texture.

Different Types Of Floor Grinding Equipment

Shot Blast Grinding Equipment

Majority of the contractors are already using shot blast equipment, which help resurface concrete. Here the device shoots small steel balls at the concrete on a high velocity. The device efficiently removes the dirt, chemicals and other materials from concrete surface making it look beautiful along with adding more life to it.

Diamond Grinding Equipment

It is one of the most popular grinding equipment that offers smooth finish offering great floor finishing for application of various adhesives, epoxies and coatings. One of the primary benefits of utilizing this equipment is easy to wield with different grinding accessories. It is believed that when you are working on denser or newer concrete the diamond grinding equipment can give better polishing effect.

Scarifying Grinding Equipment

The equipment is known for offering fine cutting. So, if you are looking for something very sharp and meticulous cutting, scarifying grinding machine is the one that gives you the desired look. Majorly used for pavement cutting and also for removing coating from surface of the concrete. Smoother finish and better life that is what the device is most praised for.

The above mentioned are no doubt the best grinding devices used till date, however with the changing technology there are other machinery available and these too can be wield with varied accessories for best results.

Our infrastructure is growing and there will be always the need of providing a better and quality life to our roads, pavement, parking lots and such sites. The maintenance cost of taking care of the concrete surface is expensive; hence using these grinding equipment’ helps in removing dirt, oil, grime and ensure that concrete is levelled up all smooth and polished.

If you are a beginner at using grinding equipment it is important that you do research beforehand for your project and make sure that you read out the instruction of functioning the same. It will be better if you hire a professional help in doing so, as it requires good knowledge, expertise and precision to work on it.





Hand Angle Grinders: The Machinist’s Weapon For Perfection

Hand Angle Grinders: The Machinist’s Weapon For Perfection

Hand Angle Grinders are the tool that any machine shop worth its salt will have its prized possession. From polishing to grinding to cutting, the hand angle grinder is the weapon of chosen when it comes to tough surfaces.

Handheld grinders’ uses reinforced resinous wheels, flat and depressed center and diamond wheels to complete the task.

What is grinding?

Grinding is the industrial process where an abrasive material usually mounted on a wheel chips away material from the workpiece via deformation, either to cut or to smoothen.

Why is it used?

There are plenty of uses for the hand angle grinder. The primary function is to smoothen the surface of floors, walls, and any uneven surface. Running the spinning wheel, at high speed, does this and the abrasive mounted on the wheel, removes the oxide layer as well as material, which is extra or simply unnecessary.

Where are hand held grinders used?

It is employed in any place which will require smoothing of surfaces, and that can vary from housing projects, furniture, and steel cutting to gems and jewellery and diamond polishing. Handheld grinders are known for its ease of functioning and with ergonomic designing, the professional handling the tool has been helped with a greater level of efficiency.

Hand Held grinders can be of many types, and that depends primarily on the kind of job that needs to be done. Hand angle grinders can be powered by an electric motor, compressed air or a petrol engine and are used in prolifically in machine shops and fabrication units.

Angle grinders are used for removing excess material from a work piece. There are various kinds of discs that are used for different materials and tasks, like cut-off discs also known as a diamond blade, abrasive grinding discs, grinding stones, sanding discs, wire brush wheels and polishing pads. There are large bearings in an angle grinder to offset the vibration and help the user gain precision, unlike the power drill, where the force is axial.

Recent research done by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has recommended changes in the design of handheld grinders to create a better design. This would allow the worker to work in a safer environment and more efficiently.

It has also been suggested that hand angle grinders need to be used with their guard or handle attached. This is to ensure the safety of the worker.

Floor Grinding Equipment and How It Has Shaped Luxury

Floor Grinding Equipment and How It Has Shaped Luxury

A floor grinding equipment is a necessity for most housing projects. The primary aim of the equipment is to smoothen the floor with minimal effort and in the shortest possible time. A floor grinding machine uses an abrasive machining process whereas a spinning wheel, albeit at high speed, laced with a rough exterior, that is the grinding wheel, cuts of extra chips off the surface, thereby rendering it smooth.

Floor grinding equipment is the most sought after tool in housing projects, as mentioned earlier. This is because the flooring of every house needs that particular look and feel and the smoothness is always an added attraction. It uses a rotating abrasive wheel or the grinder which rotates at high speed thereby removing the oxide layer at the top and also the metallic and nonmetallic pieces which would, otherwise, spoil the show and feel of the floor.

What is a Floor Grinding Machine?

It is a tool which helps smoothen the floor. The surface grinder consists of an abrasive wheel, a holding device known as a chuck, and a rotary table. The material is held in place by the chuck while it is activated. There are two ways by which this can be done: The magnetic chuck holds the ferromagnetic wheel, while non-ferromagnetic and non-metallic pieces are held in place by vacuum or mechanical means. A machine vise (made from ferromagnetic steel or cast iron) is put on the magnetic chuck and is used to hold non-ferromagnetic work pieces. That can happen if only a magnetic chuck is available.

Types of Floor Grinding Equipment

Horizontal-spindle (peripheral) surface grinders

The periphery of the wheel touches the workpiece, producing the flat surface. Peripheral grinding is used in precision work on simple flat surfaces; angled surfaces; slots; flat surfaces next to shoulders; recessed surfaces; and profiles.

Vertical-spindle grinders

The face of a wheel is used on the flat surface. Wheel-face grinding is often used for fast material removal. The workpiece is held on a table, which can be changed according to the task, or a rotary table machine, with continuous or indexed rotation. Indexing allows loading or unloading one station while grinding operations are being performed on another.

Disc grinders and double-disc grinders

Disc grinding is the same as surface grinding, the difference being a larger contact area between the disc and work piece. Disc grinders come in two types: Vertical Spindle and Horizontal Spindle. Double disc grinders work both sides of a workpiece simultaneously.

Small Electric Angle Grinder – The Handyman Of Our Times

Small Electric Angle Grinder – The Handyman Of Our Times

The small electric angle grinder is a must for the professional machinist. One will find this extremely useful tool in a machine and fabricating shops.

What is a small electric angle grinder?

To begin with, it is an angle grinder powered by an electric motor. There are other variants too. Some are driven by a petrol engine and quite a few by compressed air. The given motor is attached to a head at a right angle which has an abrasive disc mounted on it. A thinner cut off the disc is also attached as per the need. Both the attachments can be replaced when worn. The tool is ergonomically designed and can be handled with both the hands. One can put a sanding disc on the geared head and use it as a sanding tool.

The many uses of a small electric angle grinder

The tool has many uses and sees a lot of action over a wide range of professions. From steel works to carpentry, machining to more precision based industries, the small electric angle grinder is a must have for the hard working professional. Angle grinders are primarily used to remove excess material. All one needs to do is remove the disc as per the needs and lo and behold the equipment transforms itself, as required for the job.

There is much kind of discs which can be attached to the power tool. They differ in size and shape as well as on the range of speed of the device.  One can have cut-off discs also called diamond blades, abrasive grinding discs, grinding stones, sanding discs, wire brush wheels and pads for polishing.

To maintain the balance of the tool whilst usage, there are large side bearings. This is a significant design difference between a small electric angle grinder and a power drill, where the force is axial.

How does one select a small electric angle grinder?

The two most important aspects one has to look out while selecting a small electric angle grinder are Disc Size and how powerful the electric motor is. There is a direct correlation between these choices and the kind of work the small electric angle grinder is supposed to do.

Large grinders would be used for heavy duty tasks like those in manufacturing. The lightweight ones will be put to use in more precision based industries.

Floor Grinding – Providing High Quality Finish to Polished Floor

Floor Grinding – Providing High Quality Finish to Polished Floor

Efficient Concrete Floor Grinding takes a unique combination of strength, equipment and the right hold of these tools which only comes with experience. Floor Grinding Tools are an advanced, portable set of devices that changes the floor into the desired shape of your choice. Software controlled Floor Grinders are technologically advanced tools that will give you a flat floor by manoeuvring the remote controller. Floor Grinder machines can grind and polish Marble, Granite, or Concrete floors. All Floor Grinding Machines consist of a special abrasive like Diamond or Silicon Carbide for Grinding and Polishing.

Floor Edge Grinders

Floor Edge Grinders are hand-held devices with adjustable heads that can shape floor corners, edges, countertops, skirtings, stairs, and bush-hammer stairs. These devices can perfectly grind natural stone, concrete, and wood. Shelves, Tables, and Narrow Areas can be perfectly polished using these Grinders. They have stronger asynchronous motors that can resist external agents like water and dust. Shaping edges in a polished floor is a tedious and least desirable task. But Floor Edge Grinders provide that seamless termination of a beautifully polished floor into a wall. They exhibit high efficiency in cutting and levelling and are easily portable.

Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel

Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels are used for various Floor Grinding, Shaping, or Bevelling applications on Concrete, Granite, or other stone floors. Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels are available in different shapes and sizes depending on the Floor Grinding requirements. They are heat resistant, friction free, and have a perfect finish. Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels can profile edges, smooth-out inside sinkhole cuts, smoothen rough surfaces, and prepare the material for lamination or heavy stock removal. These cups are very strong and aggressive making the grinding operation easy and safe for the Grinding Wheel. | (877) 958-5264

The Difference Between Traditional and Planetary Floor Grinders

The Difference Between Traditional and Planetary Floor Grinders

When it comes to concrete grinders, there are two main types needed to use for concrete flooring. Knowing the difference between traditional rotary floor grinders and planetary floor grinders will help in choosing the right equipment for the job. They are used to smooth, level, prep, polish, or remove thick layers on concrete flooring. The easiest way to know the difference between the traditional rotary and planetary grinders is how the discs are situated at the base of the grinder.

Traditional rotary grinders have several different configurations of discs along the base. The grinders either have one large single disc that rotates along the base. Or many smaller disc along the base that counter-rotate. The smaller discs on the base can be either on the same plane or overlapping. If the rotary grinder has multiple small discs, it will not have a large disc. But all the discs configurations on the rotary grinder are easily identified.

Now these grinders are difficult to maneuver due to the heavy weight and require more training before use. They are made to be heavy, so they have the ability to reach fast rotational speeds. Since the rotary grinders can reach faster rotational speeds than the planetary grinders, they can complete the concrete job at a more rapid rate. Also, there is no need to belts or pulleys when using this grinder. Rotary grinders are better to use for heavy duty concrete projects. They are also able to remove layers of paint or thick mastic.

Now planetary grinders have one large central disc on the base of the grinder. But the difference is this grinder has three small discs attached to the large disc. And the three small discs rotate at a different rate of speed than the larger disc. Since the smaller discs are on top of the large disc, the large disc does not come in contact with the floor.

These grinders are designed to move in a straight line across the concrete. Planetary grinders give more flexibility and easier for operators to use on concrete flooring because they are lighter than the rotary grinder. They are better to use for lighter jobs. Planetary grinders are better to use smoothing and prepping for the less trained operator. Also, this grinder can be used to polish concrete with a high skilled operator.

Since concrete flooring is an economical flooring, it has become increasingly popular among warehouse, commercial, retail, schools, facilities, residential and more. Grinders are an essential equipment to complete projects from either heavy duty to light jobs. But now you know the best machine for the job you need to finish. Check out the planetary grinders and rotary grinders at Xtreme Polishing Systems.