Floor Scrubbing Machine and its Utility

Floor Scrubbing Machine and its Utility

It is crucial to recognize that floor plays an important part in our interiors. Good quality flooring enhances the overall look and feel of home or work space. On the same hand it also improves the standard of living/working. Since flooring is a permanent part of our home/work space, it is of utmost importance to clean and maintain them on a regular basis.

Floor Cleaning is so important because the entire interior design of our space can go down the drain if our flooring is not clean and well maintained. It doesn’t give a good impression to the guests who visit our place if our floor lacks the luster and maintenance. Also, most of the slip accidents occur when the floor is contaminated.

But in our day-to-day packed up schedules and busy lives, it becomes a tedious task to keep the floors clean and proper. Maintaining the floor on a regular basis is a bit problematic. As a key solution to this problem, Floor Scrubbing Machine comes to our rescue. It makes our tasks easier on a large magnitude. With a high-quality floor scrubber, it keeps the floors clean and flawless every day. The technology has advanced and has kept the mop and bucket cleaning technique long behind. There are numerable advantages of using such a cleaning tool. Cleaning through Floor Scrubbing Machine is a tidy and a safer method of floor cleaning.


  • saves time as they are quick
  • is efficient in its working
  • increases our overall productivity

Floor Scrubbing Machines are available in various shapes and sizes. We can find numerable kinds of Floor Scrubbing Machine that suit our purposes distinctly. These are available with different configurations as per the requirement. For instance, the scrubbing machine to clean a house shall be different from the one that will be used to clean, say, an industrial or a business area.

How To Choose The Right Floor Scrubber Pads

How To Choose The Right Floor Scrubber Pads

There is nothing satisfactory like beauty of clean, gleaming flooring. With the changing of times, cleaning and maintaining the flooring has come a long way. There are lots many methods and techniques introduced to get the shiny flooring at a very less price.

XtremePolishingSystems is a leading name when it comes to floor scrubber pads. With the changing of time the company has evolved providing newest and efficient scrubber pads. Irrespective of hottest techniques available now using floor scrubber pads are the most popular, convenient and affordable method chosen by contractors, site workers and home owners. Any seasoned floor maintenance professional knows which scrubber pad to use, but if you are a beginner than you need to understand how this accessory works and how to choose the right one.

All floor scrubber pads have different functioning and uniqueness to offer. One has to be extremely careful while choosing; as the wrong one will end up scrapping your floor’s beauty.

Understanding The Floor Pad Composition

Majority of the scrubber pads are made up of cotton, jute, nylon as well as natural fibers. Synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon create softer pads which offer smooth scrubbing. For the aggressive scrubbing it has natural fiber content such as cotton, walnut, coconut etc.

Blended natural fibers pads are majorly used for heavy duty floor scrubbing. When not chose the right scrubber pad they are less likely to remove scratches, marks, and may not give you the kind of finish it desires.

Microfiber pads are excellent for regular cleaning and burnishing moreover; while scrubbing it doesn’t create dust and there are fewer residues to clean when the work is done. Some of these scrubber pads may be expensive, but they can be reused and offers excellent work.

Scrubbing Pads & Its Uses

For severe kinds of flooring, there are these ultra-blue colored pads available which are designed out of heavy duty fibers, have an open weave design and most importantly have abrasive grain that removes the old finish with the tough absorbent design.

To remove the scuff and soiled areas there are these green scrubber pads which are used on heavily trafficked areas. For high glossy finish or spray buffing you can choose to have red scrubber pads. These are for routine cleaning and easy to remove light scuff marks. It has non-abrasive buffing design which lets you have mirror glossy shined flooring.

Before Choosing Scrubber Floor Pad

Before you go ahead and shop for the scrubber pad, it requires determining the hardness of the finish, the chemical being used for the scrubbing, frequency of care and under which grinding machinery it is going to be used. Go ahead and ask questions and queries to the professional or to the store professional which can lend you substantial and helpful information in picking up the best. Moreover; you can rely on the Internet for the more and detailed information which will not only help you get the right fit but also let you compare between the brands and the pricing.

From general purpose to high scrubbing, these scrubber pads do an amazing job to keep your flooring intact, glossy and shining. Always read carefully the instructions and wear safety gears while operating such machinery just to avoid any mishaps.

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying Floor Scrubbing Machine

Flooring care has evolved with the time and now with latest technology devices, the job of maintaining flooring has become easy. If you are one of those owners, who have no idea of what are concrete polishing machine is, you probably need to a little homework before you shortlist and buy one. As these are huge investments and buying a wrong one can not only become a costly expense but it may ruin your flooring as well.

Important factors to consider

There are numerous benefits of using floor scrubbing machine, and the most important being that is it saves your time, money and increase the life span of your floors. With so many choices, it makes it tough to choose the right one as these devices are available in varied sizes, and features.

The Power & Speed

These are the primary components to understand as this factor majorly influences the ability to clean the space effectively. Any powerful your floor scrubber with multiple speed settings offers you greater control over cleaning but will cost you more than the usual ones. It’s like this, the fancier you pick the costlier it becomes. Weigh these considerations carefully when you are out to choose the most suitable one yet an affordable one that serves your purpose.

Floor Scrubbing Machine Capacity

The floor scrubbing machine capacity is another consideration that you should take into account. After all, if you have a bigger area to scrub, you need your cleaning machine to last for many years. Light weight and portable scrubbers are only idea for smaller regions that will take only few minutes to clean.

Read Carefully The Manual & Warranties

If you have made up your mind to buy a scrubbing machine for your floor, it is important to review manuals and examine each piece of apparatus you are interested in.

Know how much of warranties it is available since it is a machine which can break any moment.

Finding the ideal floor scrubbing machine is not that easy especially when you are working with a close knit team. Knowing what you wish to have before making a purchase can ultimately help you make an investment that can yield significant returns.

Other Few Considerations

It can be perplexing to choose which scrubbing equipment for the floor to go for. In addition to these considerations, aspects choose the brand and warranty, the cost, the available features, and other factors will all come into play in pointing you to the right direction.

If you are keen to buy a floor scrubbing machine, it will be a wise decision to take advice from a professional assistance which specializes in these types of equipment. If you feel that you are still not satisfied with what you found, you can always choose to rental the device which are widely available at affordable price. Since it involves a huge amount of investment it’s better to check and know if buying is worthwhile or not.

Let Those Floors Shine with Xtreme Polishing Floor Scrubbing Machines

Let Those Floors Shine with Xtreme Polishing Floor Scrubbing Machines

When your floors become dirty and require a hygienic, and through cleaning, you will find that Xtreme polishing systems have quality machines that can scrub floors to your satisfaction.

Their machines are strong, durable and can withstand any type of cleaning environment. Whatever kind of machine needed, like either a manual drive machine or ride on the machine, all can be found   Xtreme polishing. If you are professionally related to the field and want to take your career to the next level, grab one of these machines and see the difference for yourself!

So what is a floor scrubbing machines do?

Floor scrubbing machines also known as automatic auto scrubbing machines are floor cleaning machines that are used to clean and remove floor marks such as grease, oil, stains on floors. The machine dispenses a cleaning solution automatically and then it vacuums it up. At once the machine can dispense the cleaning solution, use the scrubber to scrub the floor and vacuum it clean it. It has a squeegee that is attached to it that is used to do the vacuuming. The automatic floor scrubbing machines have two tanks one for clean water and the other for the dirty water.

The many uses of floor scrubbing machines

The floor scrubbing machines have some uses which include cleaning the floor, vacuuming the floor and for modern auto scrubbers they have a sweep option that sweeps the floor before scrubbing. Some scrubbing machines are also specially designed tobe used on carpets and wooden floors, they have the flexibility to change the brushes from hard to the soft brushes. Some of them are battery operated while others must be wired to electric mains.

Some scrubbers can be able to cover large surface areas this can be used in big offices, ware houses and large compounds. Others have been developed and can be able to cover and maneuver in small areas such as bathrooms, convenient stores, and nursing homes.

How does one select a floor scrubbing machines?

  • When it comes to selecting the floor scrubbing machine that you want, you have to look at the type of surface on which you will be using the machine.
  • You also have to look at its power source, is it battery-powered or wired.
  • You also have to look at the availability of spares of importance being the scrubber heads there are basically three types of heads that are used the cylindrical, square and the most common, disc head.
  • You also have to look at the motor speed, after sales service from the company you are buying from.

If you are a beginner in this industry or whether you are an experienced hand looking to upgrade your machines Xtreme polishing has just the right machine for you. They have rent, and financing options, contact them today.

Floor Scrubber Pads and Its Many Uses

Floor Scrubber Pads and Its Many Uses

Many times we have been to residences, hotels and historic buildings where the architecture has marvelled us. They have enthralled us with the sweeping corridors, imposing pillars and the grand ceiling. And then the icing on the cake would be the flooring. Buildings of note stand out because of the brilliance of their build, and the flooring is surely one of them. And to maintain this, we need specialized cleaning equipment. The floor scrubber pad is an ideal weapon when it comes to adding shine to the glistening floor.

 What is a floor scrubber pad?

The floor scrubber pad is equipment which is used to scrub and clean the floor. And not just the staid tile but even the most elegant and expensive ones, which would have cost a bomb for the builder. The floor scrubber pad is used for a variety of purposes. One can use it to clean, buff, burnish, scrub and floor stripping. They are created of high quality, high porosity fibre for durability and have extensible rods for reach and flexibility. Many of the floor scrubber pad are saturation coated which help it perform better as well as last long. Many manufacturers build a wide variety of floor scrubber pad for different purposes.

With the latest innovation floor scrubber pad have become more reliable and efficient. Manufacturers have made the floor scrubber pad more ergonomically helpful and that have vastly extended the ease of use. One of the most positive side effects has been the reduction of hand-arm vibration that has helped the individual to a great extent.

What are the uses of a floor scrubber pad?

As mentioned above the uses are many. A floor scrubber pad is a must in today’s environment, especially in areas and regions where pollution is a concern. No owner or manager would want guests to enter into an arena with blackened flooring. To overcome such mishaps, the floor scrubber pad is used extensively. From tools that strip away floor finish without chemicals to pads for uneven floor types, and even double sided pads, the floor scrubber pad is the need of the hour. They scrub, clean, buff any kind of level and are attractively priced, making them extremely cost effective.

Where are they used?

Look around you. They are used everywhere. Any building having the floor, and I believe, that would include every habitable one, a floor scrubber pad is an essential addition to the home appliance ware.

How Often Should I Maintain a Concrete Floor and What To Do

How Often Should I Maintain a Concrete Floor and What To Do

Decorative polished concrete floors are very durable, gorgeous and are a great option for residential, business and commercial buildings. Even though polished concrete floors are the most durable flooring on the market, they still need to be maintained properly to protect the surface from losing its glow, staining or getting scratches. The care for polished flooring is much easier to maintain than other types of flooring options for residential, business or commercial buildings.

It is important to keep a maintenance routine to help polished concrete floors last longer because if neglected concrete floors will have costly repairs. The amount of maintenance polished concrete greatly depends on the quantity of traffic the surface receives. For example, commercial floors will receive a larger amount of traffic than residential floors.

One of the most important parts in maintaining decorative polished concrete floors it to clean up any accidents that could cause stains or scratches on the surface of the floor. Polished concrete flooring has a breathable porous surface, so liquid left on the surface too long could cause stains. When the surface has accumulated with too much dirt, it could cause small scratches on the surface damage its luster.

The easiest way to clean polished concrete surface that does not have high traffic is using a dust mop. And for at least once a week, the floors need to be mopped with warm water and cleaning solution meant for polished concrete floors.

But decorative polished concrete floors that experience high traffic area from vehicles, machinery or in commercial buildings will need to be cleaned properly with automatic scrubbers and cleaning solution.

Remember that after regularly cleaning decorative polished concrete floors, the surface can lose the original sheen and beauty. It depends on the amount of traffic and cleaning the surface experiences. The polished concrete floor will need to have its glow restored by using a special polish and a high-speed floor burnisher.

The worst way to try keeping decorative polished floors looking shiny and beautiful, is trying to use wax on the surface. Wax is not meant to be used on polished floors.

Decorative polished concrete floors are durable, beautiful and low maintenance. But polished concrete floors are not completely maintenance free. If not properly maintained especially in high traffic areas the polished concrete floor could lose their beautiful shine. Proper maintenance routine on polished concrete floors will keep the luster longer.

3-n-1 Concrete Grinder, Edger & Polishing Machine

3-n-1 Concrete Grinder, Edger & Polishing Machine

The best quality and lowest cost concrete grinder on the market is the Concrete Genie designed by Xtreme Polishing Systems. The Genie is used to grind away imperfections, renovate or repair concrete flooring. It is specifically built for the professional contractors to the highest standards and specifications on the market for grinding concrete.

Xtreme Polishing Systems understands the importance of having quality tools to take care of concrete floors because concrete floors are a big job. That is why they design the Concrete Genie to make your job easier and it will prevent you costly repairs on the concrete flooring.

What makes the Concrete Genie unique on the market? It is the Xtreme Polishing Systems MagneticPlate System. The magnetic plate system is designed to go ⅛ inch away from either side or the top of the machine. The Morse flex cup bular system gives enough flexibility to get into the lowest spots on the concrete flooring. With the Concrete Genie, you will be able to grind and cut caps of the concrete along with the rest of the flooring. This will give you a uniformed look.

With the magnetic plates you will be able to remove the plates within seconds when you need to change them out for new ones or another size. This is better than the cheaper versions that could take you more than 45 minutes to just remove the plates. That is not counting putting them back on after the new plates are in spot. They are easy to take off and on because of the magnetic trapezoids. They are taller than other trapezoids on the market. The measurements are 12mm x 12mm. Cheaper trapezoids will range from 7mm x 7mm to 10mm x 10mm.

The Concrete Genie is the most desirable machine for contractors because of the magnetic plate system. The magnetic plates will work with virtually all brands on the market of PCDs, grinding pads and pucks. And they are strong enough to run at full speed.

The Concrete Genie can be used in residential homes since it is a single-phase 220-volt machine. You can simply plug it into the washer or dryer machine outlets, hot water heater outlet or 30-amp breaker box.

Other features of the Concrete Genie are the easy handles for moving the machine without three people. Since you have to have the grinder level before grinding concrete, the Genie comes with a bubble level to let you know when you are level. The water tank holds 9 gallons of water. With the water control dispenser you can control the amount of water you need for the concrete. If you need to add more water to the machine for troubling concrete or removal of coating the water tank is easily accessible in the front.

The Concrete Genie comes with a fully one year bumper to bumper warranty. So Xtreme Polishing Systems will cover any problems within the first year, but with all the machines on the market since 2011, there has been zero negative feedback on the Genie.

So looking for a machine either for first time users or professional contractors. The Concrete Genie by Xtreme Polishing Systems is the machine for you at a great price. Check out the Concrete Genie at www.xtremepolishingsystems.com.