Hand-Held Grinders: Their Purposes and Precautions

Invented in 1954 by a German company, Ackermann + Schmitt, the hand grinder is a hand powered tool specifically built for grinding, polishing, or removing materials like glue, mastic or paint/coatings. This device is versatile with the multitude of accessories that fit on it, while being used for various purposes such as cutting tile, mortar, and pavers, material removal, and grinding/ polishing purposes.

Xtreme Polishing Systems supplies an efficient and reliable selection of hand-held angle grinders and edge grinders. You can typically purchase these power tools at your local hardware store if you’re seeking other options for acquiring a hand grinder. Also, when purchasing an hand grinder make sure to consider a unit built with a powerful motor (at least 5 to 9 amps).

Power Sources for Hand Grinders:

  • Electricity
  • Petrol
  • Pneumatic or Compressed Air

Hand-held angle grinders are standard power tools and extremely popular for use in metal fabrication and machine shops, as well as practically any type of construction environment. Don’t let those industrial settings discourage all the homeowners and small business owners out there seeking an easy solution. Hand grinders are extremely ideal in residential and commercial environments as well and are used for a variety of preparation and maintenance purposes.

Hand grinders are exceptionally handy tools and will completely aid in preserving your valuable time and energy. Of course make sure to operate ANY and ALL power tools with safety and precaution, here are some pointers to ensure precautionary safety:

  • Unplug the hand grinder while changing the disc or wheel
  • Never use your hand grinder without its guard (attached handle)
  • Make sure the hand grinder is gripped properly at all times
  • DO NOT keep combustible objects near the device and vice versa
  • Face shield and protective clothing should be worn while operating hand grinders

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